Accommodation is provided in accordance with the guest’s physical well-being and preferences. Accommodation can be for a short term (rest, rehabilitation) and for a long term. Everyone can choose an accommodation package most suitable for them.

Packages offered by the Residence:

A package for people suffering from dementia: the cost of the package is 1 520 EUR per month, the main part of which is paid by the Health Insurance Fund upon a submitted application and 280 EUR paid directly by the resident.

Single-bed room package: the cost of the package is 650 EUR per month per person accommodated in a single room.image014

Twin-bed room package: 600 EUR per month per person accommodated in a double room.

Silver package

Gold package

Temporary accommodation: the cost of the package is 25 EUR per day per person for a period of 15 to 30 calendar days.



Free nastroyka-wifi1 over the whole territory of the Residence!
Communication with friends and family via 37113e226fffc01d56a0a82104defc631 at one’s convenience!


There are also additional services available at the Residence, such as:

  • Daily elderly care 25 EUR (up to 8 hours) 3,50 EUR per hour;
  • Hairdresser/barber, manicure, pedicure: the cost per service is 5 EUR to 10 EUR;
  • Slippers, towels, wellingtons, umbrellas etc. 10 EUR per month.