Camellia Assisted Living Residence is cozily located in an environmentally favorable area in Northeast Estonia in Lüganuse Parish of Ida-Viru County, 50 km from Pühtitsa Dormition Convent and the Holy Spring. The Gulf of Finland, where one can find a beach, a berthing facility, Toila SPA Hotel Thermae & Wellness Centre and a park for taking a walk, is located 35 km from the residence, whereas in 20 km on Ontika Limestone Cliff is located Valaste Waterfall which is the highest in Estonia. There is a lake 10 km from the Residence, 6 km – Kiviõli Adventure Tourism Centre, 2 km – a rowing canal created in place of a former oil shale quarry, 750 m – the River Purtse. In the proximity to the Assisted Living Residence, there is a bus stop in 500 m, a pharmacy in 200 m and the post office in 50 m.


Three Generation Family Sitting On Sofa TogetherThe Assisted Living Residence is located in a one-storey cozy building with a fenced green area. The ample private territory of the Residence is as large as 7 183 m2, it is a secured well-kept area with a deck and a closed veranda, a promenade area and a recreation zone, with a nice parking lot and an illuminated promenade zone. There are pergolas in the park where one can make oneself snug and enjoy the view with any weather; for those who would like to sunbathe, there are deckchairs as well.

The spaces and rooms are equipped by top standards with age peculiarities taken into consideration. We have everything available for the disabled and elderly care. We have tried to create a homelike atmosphere and organized comfortable living environment including specially equipped resident rooms, modern tilting beds, wheelchairs, walking aids and wheelchair ramps. All furniture and sanitary wares are installed in such way that the elderly people would not feel slightest discomfort and have the highest possible level of self-supporting. Light and spacious rooms are created for the residents to feel themselves at home.

The main feature of Camellia Assisted Living Residence is qualitative technology of care, which has become possible due to competently trained employees and thoroughly thought-out care instructions. Our personnel is on duty 24 hours a day and ready to help at the first call. We are trying to inspire the elderly people to live a full life even in their advanced years and bring about pleasure and peace in their lives.

The staff of Camellia Assisted Living Residence includes 41 employees: the managing director (1), the head of the care-taking personnel (1), a social worker (3), a general duty nurse (8), a special nurse (care for people suffering from dementia) (3),  care-taking personnel (16), the head of shared interest/activities groups (2), the financial director (1), a cook (3), a prep cook (2), a cleaning specialist (1).

We pay special attention to providing the elderly residents’ rational and healthy nutrition, taking into consideration their health conditions and functioning peculiarities of the elderly people’s digestive system. Catering in the Residence is arranged in compliance with medical recommendations. All meals are cooked from local healthy and fresh products. The details are discussed in advance.

medsestraPeople, especially those who suffer from various diseases, are in particular need of comprehensive care and attention. We offer a full range of services in the Residence. Our specialists help not only to practice proper hygiene and take medicines timely, but carry out medical instructions as well.

In Camellia Assisted Living Residence you will find a large swimming pool and gym for those who pursue an active lifestyle. The residents can also use the services of a hairdresser or barber and have their nails or toenails done. Besides, organization of leisure time is an important part of our work. It is important, for it is friendly communication that contributes to the support of moral health. During their free time, the residents can walk in the landscaped park, do gardening, sunbathe in deckchairs, read, play board games, watch TV, do crosswords, sing karaoke or just talk about life. We also have a computer room with Internet access in the Residence, and a conference hall along with an event hall for holding performances and various events.

Competitive strengths of Camellia Assisted Living Residence:

  1. shutterstock_168168539-%d0%ba%d0%be%d0%bf%d0%b8%d1%8fFull care for people suffering from dementia;
  2. A spacious fenced and secured private territory;
  3. Convenient location;
  4. Resident rooms of various classes;
  5. Swimming pool with a sauna complex;
  6. A gym.